Get Rid of Your Old HVAC Unit

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Is your current HVAC unit on its last leg? Don't sweat through the summer or shiver through the winter when you could schedule air conditioning replacement services. Residents in Memphis, TN get air conditioning installation services from JE Mr Fix it. We can replace any make or model of HVAC unit.

Buying a new HVAC unit up front may seem pricey, but you'll save money in the long run with lowered energy bills. Call 901-730-3911 to make an appointment for air conditioning installation services.

What you can expect during your consultation

What you can expect during your consultation

Before we start the air conditioning replacement process, we’ll talk to you about your AC needs. During your consultation you can expect us to discuss:

  • What size air conditioning unit you need
  • How soon you need a new HVAC unit
  • Your preferred make or model
  • Your budget for a new HVAC system

We’ll help you find the perfect AC unit for your home in Memphis, TN.